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Apparition Lit is seeking original, unpublished speculative fiction that meet our quarterly theme. Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and literary. We want it all. Send us your strange, misshapen stories.

We’re increasing our 2019 pay rate for short stories to $0.03 per word and poetry to $15 flat rate. We had incredible contributions from donors and subscribers and we thank you for your support in 2018, into 2019, and beyond. Thank you to every who donated time, money, or just read one of our stories. 

Issue 5: Resistance is now available for purchase!

We are currently OPEN February 15-28 for poetry and short story (1,000 – 5,000 words) submissions for Issue 6: Ambition, which will publish in April 2019.

Our monthly flash fiction contest is now CLOSED for pieces under 1k words. We will open for submissions again March 1-15. Pieces must be inspired by The Sexy Lamp Test. In this test, rather than replacing female characters with sexy lamps, we want to see male characters replaced with sexy lamps. Does your story still hold together? If you’d like to get all the info on our 2019 flash contest challenges, check out this blog post for an in-depth explanation.

Before you submit your work, please check out our submission guidelines for all the details.

Our 2018 issues, Issue 1: Apparition,  Issue 2: Delusion, Issue 3: Vision, and Issue 4: Diversion are also available for purchase

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