• Rebecca Bennett
    Rebecca Bennett Associate Editor and Cover Art Director

    As the sole Canadian, Rebecca spends too much time hiding her ‘eh’s and adding proper vowels to words. Her short stories have been published in Bewildering StoriesDevilfish Review and NonBinary Review. She also reviews novels on All Things Urban Fantasy. Though she lives in Canada’s Capital, Rebecca is still a farm girl at heart and always adds small-town drama to her stories. You can follow her occasional tweets at @_rebeccab

  • Tacoma Tomilson
    Tacoma Tomilson Managing Editor

    Tacoma served ten years in the military and has the smallpox scar to prove it. Her fiction has appeared in Devilfish Review, Crossed Genres, and Pedal Zombies: Thirteen Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories. She’s currently a MFA candidate and reviews YA books for All Things Urban Fantasy in her spare time. You can find her forgetting to tweet @TMTomilson.

  • Clarke Doty
    Clarke Doty Associate Editor

    Clarke is a hospice nurse. When she’s not keeping busy with assorted existential crises over the impermanence of life and the perpetual, senseless human suffering in the world and stuff like cancer and constant reminders of her own insignificance in the universe and how everyone dies and everything ends and does any of it really matter and why can’t I sleep, she likes to read stories and sometimes write stories. She recently joined the Twitterverse because everyone else is doing it. You can follow Clarke following Amy, Rebecca, Tacoma, and The Dodo at @ClarkeDoty.

  • Amy Henry Robinson
    Amy Henry Robinson Associate Editor, Poetry Editor, and Webmaster

    Amy has a chequered past leading writing workshops for Writing Pad L.A. & Write In Ventura, and as the column editor for FierceAndNerdy.com. Her poetry & spec. fiction has been in Pearl Magazine, Six Penny Review, & Flash Fiction Press. Amy can be found being weird, and mocking her cats at @Amyqotwf

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