Apparition Lit Issue 7: Retribution is now available for purchase for only $2.99USD. You can buy your copy at:

July 2019 – Issue 7 – Retribution

A Word from our Editor by Clarke Doty

Short Fiction and Poetry
Our Roots Devour by Lora Gray
Dead Meat by Maria Haskins
Sea Witch from the Deep by Ellen Huang
His Heart is the Haunted House by Aimee Ogden
The Wolf of Pendarvis by Genevieve Sinha
Abeona, Goddess of Outward Journeys, pilots the interstellar ark by Nisa Malli

Artist Interview with buboplague

Planting the Seed: From Now and Then to Beneath a Sugar Sky by Rebecca Bennett

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Apparition Lit Issue 6: Ambition is now available for purchase for only $2.99USD. You can buy your copy at:

April 2019 – Issue 6: Ambition contains

The Ambition Editorial by Amy Robinson

The Muse Does Not Give a Fuck about Your Personal Safety by Jennifer Crow
Naiad by Cameryn Araduke

eLon-4 Breaks A Mirror by Aurelius Raines II
The Hermes VII by Donna J. W. Munro
Juliet Silver and the Sea of Prosperity by Wendy Nikel
Sasha’s Pattern, Sonia’s Edge by Katherine Quevedo

The Last from Premee Mohamed

Q&A with cover artist Erion Makuo

It’s Cute How Hard You Try: Carol Danvers and Ambition by Tacoma Tomilson

Apparition Lit Issue 5: Resistance is now available for purchase for only $2.99USD. You can buy your copy at:

January 2019 – Issue 5 – Resistance contains

Editor’s Note on Resistance by Tacoma Tomilson

Grey Evergreen by Marlena Evans
Hearts Made Marble, Weapons Shaped From Bone by A.J. Fitzwater
In Silence, I’ll Sing by Laura O’Brien
Who Defies the Watcher by Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga

For Dark Figures and the Long Way Home by Bria Strothers
Taking, Keeping by Jessica J. Horowitz

Artist Interview with Crystal Lipsey

How to Fight Bullies with Angry Poems! and Other Ways to Join the Resistance by Clarke Doty

Our fourth of Apparition Lit Issue 4: Diversion is currently available for purchase for only $2.99USD.

You can buy your copy at:

Includes SHORT FICTION by Rob Francis, Chloie Piveral, Karen Heslop, & Emma JeNeal Miller

POETRY by Erik Burdett, John Grey

REPRINT by Sabrina Vourvoulias

INTERVIEW with cover artist Sharlyn Artieda

ESSAY by by Amy Henry Robinson

Cover art by SAA PandaLeon

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